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How to resolve issues with synced file after renaming our tenant

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We recently renamed our tenant from "One name" to "Another name", new folders being synced through OneDrive are now stored under a new tenant name. Is there a way to migrate all the folders to the new "tenant name structure"?

Expected Behavior: All Synced folders are visible under the new tenant name.


Current Behaviour: When a folder was synchronised before the tenant name was changed, it shows up in a different tenant name structure in the local file system.


We created a support ticket with Microsoft, we got the feedback that we have to delete all previously synced folder from the old tenanat name (via Reg editor); we then have to remove all OneDrive credentials via windows credential. After that, we can then resync each folder one by one manually for it to appear under the new name.

In my opinion, the suggested steps is not productive because all the old folders under the old name  will automatically be deleted for the colleagues in the org and it will also be cubersome for them to resync it manually because they have quite a lot of folders appearing under the old tenant name. Does anyone have a better and more productive way to address this? please see the attached file(feedback from Microsoft support)

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