How to remove one drive link

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I have a user who were using One Drive and their account was removed and recreated with same SMTP\UPN name, now when he logged in with new account, he found 2 different link for One Drive.

I tried to uninstall \ remove old One Drive for Business link but it did not work and still showing 2 different One Drive link.

How could we achieve to remove old One Drive for Business link from end user PC??

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Does user's new OneDrive show up correctly when accessed from an internet browser and when you check from "SharePoint Admin Center > User Profiles"?


To make sure that it's a client specific issue, first test things out by configuring their OneDrive on another PC. Then to fix it in their own client, you can:



@Burak_Varol Yes, I checked user profile and files are here which should be not sure why other link also visible to their PC user profile. i tried to un-install but it seems not be working.