How to Remove a Single Service Plan from Multiple Microsoft 365 Accounts with PowerShell



In this post, we describe how to use PowerShell to remove a single service plan from Microsoft 365 licenses using PowerShell. The script can remove any service plan from any SKU (license) in a tenant. You might want to do this to disable access to an obsolete feature (like Sway) or to prevent access to a new feature until the organization is ready to support user activity.

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Hi Tony,
I work in a school enviornment and the students are assigned with one of the below license. I want to disable the Teams service plan from the students account listed in a csv file. Students UserPrincipalName are saved in this location: C:\Data\StudentsToDisable.CSV. I have to enable the Teams license on a later stage.

Can you please help me with the powershell script to disable and enable Teams license for the students in the CSV file.

SkuPartNumber ServicePlans
'M365EDU_A5_STUUSEBNFT' - Teams1

Kind regards,
Muhamed Rafeeq
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Dear Tony,

I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience. To be honest, I didnt recieve any notification for your reply from and I am not able to go to that particular post/reply. Once again sorry.