How to reach admin center from tenant Y when not admin in tenant X?

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I am a regular member in my own organization's tenant (Company X) and I have been given access to another company's MS365 tenant (Company Y) with global reader role to conduct a review.


I have no problem accessing the AAD blade in the portal for both Company X (can't see much, which is normal) and Company Y (can see everything, which is normal) and there is the directory switching feature available in the top right corner.


However, when entering the page, I am shown the "sign out or switch to an account that has permission" message. It seems that this page only identifies my Company X membership, not my Company Y membership.


I have read about the"All tenants" feature to help switching between tenants, but it is located inside the Admin Center, I cannot even reach that page.


Any ideas on how I can "tell" the admin center that I want to be seen as a Company Y member and not a Company X member?



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Hello, AFAIK, it is not possible for a guest user to access the admin portals other than
You should ask for a internal account with Global Reader role.


Use an In Private browser session with Company Y or use a completely different browser to login to Company Y's admin portal.

I am not sure the rule you mentioned works entirely: as an external user granted with global reader role, I was still able to enter the SharePoint admin center. I think this is due to the fact that there is a uniquely identifying URL available ( for each tenant.

I think this is not caused by credentials or user type, but with a limitation in the admin centers that are reached through a unified url (e.g., You get pushed out of the site without ever being given the opportunity to switch tenant.

I was hoping for a way to specify the tenant in the url (e.g., "?tenant=<guid>" or ?tid=<guid>"), like when you log in through PowerShell, but could not find one that works.
Thank you for replying. Unfortunately that would not work: the problem is not caused by conflicting sessions but the admin center does not let you in if you are not given permissions into your own tenant administration console first. This is a different behavior that the Azure console, which lets you in without giving you access to your tenant's resources but you still can reach the "switch directory" button to initiate the switch.