How to query differentiate or query cell categories located in one column in Excel?


I'm drying to find a way to differentiation between cells with "general" category, for example, vs "number" category, which are located in the same column.

For example between digit "5" located in cell A1 with category "General" and another digit "5.00" locate in cell A2 with category "Number".

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Hi @hassan bach


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The default number format that Excel applies when you type a number. For the most part, numbers that are formatted with the General format are displayed just the way you type them. However, if the cell is not wide enough to show the entire number, the General format rounds the numbers with decimals. The General number format also uses scientific (exponential) notation for large numbers (12 or more digits).


Used for the general display of numbers. You can specify the number of decimal places that you want to use, whether you want to use a thousands separator, and how you want to display negative numbers.


Hope that helps.