How to prevent Exchange online user to access Sharepoint?

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I have users with 'Exchange Online Plan 2' license in my tenant.

I think they will be available to use email only but they can access to public sharepoint in my tenant.


How to prevent Exchange Online Plan users to access sharepoint in same tenant?

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Hi there

Technically this is not possible.
I tried assigning E3 license to a new user and disabling SharePoint Online Plan 2 and got the below error - 


To assign a license that contains Office Online, you must also assign one of the following service plans: SharePoint Online (Plan 2).
Got the same error when I tried to disable SharePoint Online Plan 1 for an active user who has an E1 license.


So quite sure same goes for Exchange Online Plan 2
Robin Nishad
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Well, the problem you are facing here is that SPO does not really enforce if a user added to a SPO site has a valid license or just can add it, so only way to prevent your users to acess SPO is to be sure no one is adding them to your sites

The only way you'd be able to properly enforce this is with something like Conditional Access.


If you've got Azure AD Premium Plan 1 Licenses for all of your users, then you'd have some coverage for that.



Experienced this as well. as long as the user has permissions to the site whether he has license or not then he can access the sharepoint site. Even open/create Office Online Documents