How to Integrate WOPI in Web Application ?

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I want to integrate WOPI in my web app to edit docs through online help of M365, how to do that I have checked for docs but I didn't find any proper documentation for WOPI integration can you any one help me on this ?

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The Office 365 - Cloud Storage Partner Program is for independent software vendors whose business is cloud storage. It's not open to Office 365 customers directly.
I have checked docs as per my understanding, they mean I have to create WOPI Host ??

I can't able to find what the information needs to be there in WOPI Host, how to create it can you help me on this ??

Yes. This is the way interactive with Ms Office.
Are you certain Ms will accept you as cloud partner?
Are you sure you need this way?
It is not very easy to end user because you need develop several apis according to the document by one of computer language i.g. C# or PHP Java etc.

@peiyezhu Yes, :happyface: Microsoft accepted as a Cloud partner but now I'm stuck with how to implement WOPI Host.


Can you send me any example if possible ??