How to do license management

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We have several thousand users in our tenant and I am trying to find easy ways to manage the licenses.  When I do an export of users from the admin portal it gives me all of the licenses in one column, which makes it a challenge to filter so I can just see anyone with an E3 license, or a F1, or whatever.  I tried moving the license column to be the last line in the spreadsheet, then exporting it as csv, then importing it with different delimiters, but after a bunch of playing with that i've given up.


I also tried various powershell commands with a variety of formatting, but I can never seem to get it right so that every type of license comes out separated so I can filter for each one individually.


I assume I can't be the only admin who struggles with this.  The CIO wants me to compare a list of users with various licenses vs an HR list of various job titles to make sure we aren't giving out licenses for people in jobs that don't need them, but I am struggling to get a good list to start with.


Thanks in advance for any help.



P.S.  I'm surprised there's not a separate sub forum just for O365 Licensing.

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If you are interested in a GUI based approach rather than PowerShell, then take a look at Office 365 Reporting Tool by AdminDroid. The tool will be perfect for your need and the required reports come under free offering. I work for AdminDroid, so if you come across any challenges to solve your requirements, then I can help you out.


If you rather want PowerShell script, then please let us know, my peer can help you with the ready-made script.

@Robert Luck 


Thanks for the info, but unfortunately the odds of the company purchasing a 3rd party tool is extremely unlikely.  There are a whole bunch of things I'd like to buy, but none of them are going to happen.


If there is a script that will do the basics of this that you could share i'd appreciate it, (but unfortunately that's all I can offer).




@Ted123 The report which you need is come under free edition of AdminDroid. Give it a try.