How to delete Outlook suggestions on Outlook for Mac

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In Outlook for Mac, contact suggestions are enabled.
When I receive a new email from a sender or send one to a new sender, I see these contact suggestions as soon as I compose a new email in the "To" field.


However, I do not want a particular contact to appear in this list.


I have read this post:


"Click the X at the right side of the recent address whose entry you want to delete from Recent Addresses."


When I do this, the entry also disappears, however after some time this keeps reappearing.

How can I remove this contact completely from AutoFill?

I don't want to disable the AutoFill function completely. Just remove this one contact.

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Hi @giannox ,


Even after you delete/remove an email, do you continue to communicate with it? Once you remove/delete a contact from recent contacts by pressing X, it should disappear, unless you continue to talk to the contact. Sometimes, having a contact in the address book can cause the user to appear.

No, but it's an newsletter which i still receiving. it's the sender address from this newsletter
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Hi @giannox ,


that makes sense. I wish I have better answer for you, but it seems like this is documented and "normal" behavior.