How to configure auto-enrollment for Windows devices in Intune

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You will see questions about Microsoft Intune, configuration profiles, and compliance policies. You won't see any questions about how to set up a device in Intune but I thought it was important for you to see so I've created a lesson. If you already set up Intune to work with Windows devices or are only concerned about passing the MS-500 feel free to skip this lesson.

There are three common ways to join a Windows computer to Intune.

  • First, manually. In short, you tell the Windows computer to join.
  • Second, automatically through the domain. In short, we can sync all the domain-joined devices to Azure AD and then tell Azure AD to join all the computers to Intune.
  • Third, by using AutoPilot. We won't be reviewing Autopilot in this lesson.

Before we can do anything, there's a bit of configuration to do on the back end. We'll need to configure a user scope. The user scope will tell which Azure AD joined computers should receive Intune.

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