How to Cleanup Storage on New O365 Outlook Interface ?

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The new O365 interface doesn't show the cleanup option. Is there any setting i need to perform to enable the cleanup option in new interface?


I would appreciate your support to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance

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Dear @ChristianBergstrom , thank you for replying. However, i am not looking for the feature which you shared below. 

I am looking for these below features which were available in the old OWA but are not available in the updated OWA interface. In the updated OWA interface, in the storage feature one can only view the mailbox usage quota but it does not have the option to clean up the mailbox (Inbox, Sent items etc)



@Mohammed Shahed Hello! I was just about to edit my reply as I had a look at the screenshot. I understand. I have no idea where it's is right know (maybe hidden?). I have to do some research or maybe another member know where it is or why it's missing!


Used to be here right?


Found this


"Hey, thanks for your feedback! This option will be added back to OWA in the next couple months. We’re working on improving the service that powers Clean Up, and then we’ll add this option back!"


I suggest you go there and vote (I just did) to be updated when status changes and to push it up!

@ChristianBergstrom Hi,

I guess they have not added this feature back yet. Any work around for this?

@Mohammed Shahed Not that I am aware of. Maybe there's some hack available. You're not using the desktop app at all?

@ChristianBergstrom actually i am trying to clean up the mailbox of one particular user who doesn't use outlook client on the desktop that's why i am trying to clean up his mailbox via OWA 

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@Mohammed Shahed Hey! This one did it!




Use this one


and then go via settings.

@Mohammed Shahed Well, there's quite a few GB in there from what I can see and it will certainly take some time deleting it. But at least you now have the workaround you asked for!

@ChristianBergstrom thank so much for your support.

@ChristianBergstrom this doesn't work for personal outlook accounts :(