How to assign colours to events on outlook calendar android app

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I want to assign events in my outlook calendar on my android app to three colour categories ; work (red), social (blue) and admin (yellow). Does anyone know how I can set my phone up to do this easily when on the go?





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Outlook on Android has in the near past been updated to include Categories (under Settings) but I've yet to find a way of tagging a new calendar entry with a category and according to its not a function of Outlook on Android at the moment 'You cannot edit or apply category colors to events on Outlook for Android.'

Full article at:

Thanks very much @Allan Clarke; that's good to know.





I've picked up on this because I was searching to find why a series of events on my Outlook 365 calendar had suddenly disappeared from the calendar on my phone. Having read the above I went to my pc and removed the category from the series and guess what, they have all re-appeared on the phone! Looks like you cant categorise at the moment if you want to be able to see your events on both platforms.
After my reply above I went onto the MS website to see what I could find out about all this. It turns out that as of now you CAN categorise events on your pc and have them turn up on the Android Outlook 365 app. I tried with single events and series of events and it worked in both cases. You might need to click back and forth from emails to calendar a few times before you see the change though.