How to align points in a freeform shape?

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I have drawn a freeform shape. There are few points that should be aligned to the left in vertical and vertically distributed. How I can do that? I can select multiple points in a shape, but the align operations work only for whole shapes, not specific points inside a shape.

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@dejudicibus One suggestion: add a guide to the page and then drag the points to want to align and glue them to the guide. Once they are aligned you can delete the guide.

Good trick just for alignment. Thank you. Less good if you want also to distribute them. You should add several guide and calculate distances.

True that you can distribute points by adding additional guides -- and I just learned something that I've never tried before: You can actually use the distribute function on guides! It makes sense that it would work because guides are basically just Visio shapes (with a few special properties), but it's good to know that they respond to the distribute function.

Good hint!