How to add external contacts to a 365 or distribution group?

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I have tried all of this.

I never see the contacts I added via the users interface on the "add members" list of the group interface.  I do see some other external contacts however, which makes it more mysterious.  I see no difference between the ones I do see and the ones I don't see.  The contacts were added weeks ago so it's not a propagation issue.  The "bad" contacts do appear in the Outlook client Global Address Book.

These contacts are all similar in that they have only a name and an email address.  The email address' are all for their individual Mobil numbers in order to email text messages to them in the event of a downtime issue. Eg: Email address removed or whatever their provider uses.  I did create a distribution list for just this bunch of contacts.  But now I want to also add them to another 365 group and they aren't there.


What would make them not show up but other contacts I created do show up?  I am the admin, and again, I have checked all the points in the document linked at the top of this posting.

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