How is the new Employee Onboarding list template supposed to be used?

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Can anyone tell me how the Employee Onboarding list template makes any sense and can actually be used?


With the way they have it setup, I don't see how it would be reusable to onboard multiple different employees. The way they have designed it, it is like you would have to create a whole new list with its predefined rows of onboarding items for each employee.


It seems backwards from how lists are typically used and designed. Each instance of an employee being onboarded should be one row item in a single list, it should not require an entire new list for each employee onboarding instance.

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@Kevin McKeown I tried id too, and it seems like one has to create the whole workflow by himself. Maybe using Power * Office applications, but there not very much use in this "template".

As for now, you may simply build a custom list by yourself. 

I hope, it becomes a predefined / customizable list + workflow, unless it is quite helpless.