How is one suppose to get support for Visio Pro for Office 365


We installed Visio Pro for Office 365 for our HR department to do Org. Charts after we discovered the Visio Standard no longer is compatible with Office 365. They are having multiple issue with Visio Pro for Office 365 but we are getting the run around for support. We created a ticket online in the Office 365 Portal for Visio Pro, but were told when contacted by Microsoft that they don't cover Office 365.


We were told to call in for paid support. Why should we when we have Office 365 support and this is an Office 365 subscription version of Visio?

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yeah, I've been having the same experience, but with Word, Outlook and so on from Office 365 ProPlus.
Would love to know the official stance on Office product support from Office 365.

We use the O365 Portal Support ticket request for all our other Office 365 ProPlus products (Word, Outlook, Excel etc) and have no issues with the support we receive there. It's just Visio Pro for Office 365 were we are getting the run around.

nInteresting, I've been blown off for normal Office 365 ProPlus issues as well.

We have decided to abandon Visio Pro for Office 365 and go with another vendor to do Org Charts. Microsoft was unable to resolve our funtionality issues with Visio Pro and we can't go back to Visio Standard because we use Office 365.


Not really pleased about this.