How can I turn off the OFFICE 365 TIPs?

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I don't know what triggers an OFFICE 365 TIP, but I want to prevent them from appearing in the message bar. How can I do this? I've included a screen snip of one from Excel that I get all the time, and that I hate. These things are so annoying.



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@iamjamieqYou should be able deactivate this in the admin center.


In the preview, go to Settings > Services and Add-Ins. Find and select Microsoft communication with users (name might be slightly different). Then disable the option in the flyout.

@Daniel Niccoli  Assuming you mean Office 365 Admin Center, is there by any chance a way to turn them off without admin access? Or do I need to speak to my IT manager?

@iamjamieqThere is an old thread about this, but nothing new to learn:


You're probably out of luck.

@Daniel Niccoli Ugh. Thank you. It is infuriating how little information there is about these notifications online. Basically next to nothing about them. 

@iamjamieq dude! These things seem to be getting worse. I can't imagine who thought it would be a pleasant experience to throw these tips out every day for people who are using these products every day. My goal is to use the products, not learn about what they can do for me. That's MS Marketing's goal, not mine.



Please try on this:


Open MS Excel > File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings Button > uncheck "policy tips" under Policy Tips

@iamjamieq I would like to turn off ALL annoying popup tips FOREVER for ALL MS products! If I want a tip I will go looking for one, rather than have this Attention Deficit Disorder software interrupting my work flows on a daily basis.


They don't even time out from ignoring them! 


I want them gone from MSO, Teams, Word, Excel, all of it.

YES! How to get the ADD people OUT of the User Interface design department! They should be in PPT marketing not in front end UX design! I bet the coders hate it too!
It is a FAILED goal, since it is driving users AWAY!