How can I set up a new 365 Developer Subscription?

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We set up an instant developer sandbox last year and were able to successfully build an MS Teams integration. We did not need the subscription long-term, so it has been deleted.


We now want to work an another project but there is no option to create a new developer instance. Please advise what to do. It has been more than 60 days since the previous subscription was deleted.



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I am in the same situation, have you been able to find a solution and re-enable your subscription?

I have an paid and active Visual Studio Pro subscription and I an blocked from using my dev tenant since 6 months



@ThoCas, unfortunately no solution. It looks like if you let your developer sandbox expire, you can't re-enable it or sign up for a new instance.
@Kidd_Ip, that's correct. Clicking on the "Join now" button takes me to the page in the screenshot above. There is no way to re-enable or create a fresh developer subscription.