How can I export Attendee list from Microsoft Teams Live events session using Microsoft Graph API?

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Hello Microsoft Teams specialist in using APIs, I wish you all are safe and healthy!


All of us are facing an immeasurable COVID-19 pandemic and working remotely is the current guideline here at the company as well as a lot of other companies in the globe, indeed, face-to-face courses must now be taken remotely keeping all employees safe, so, I am asking you some helping in: How can I use Microsoft Graph APIs to extract a attendee list from a live session from Microsoft Teams?


We are hard working to try to use the Microsoft Graph in order to get the Attendee data from a Live session in order to import them into SAP SuccessFactos LMS as a virtual learning session attendees based on API economy connectors (rest).


Do you know how can I extract the callRecord ID (highlighted in bold) from the joinWebUrl in order to use the API method GET{id} ?

If you have any tips to extract the live session ID or other way to export the “AttendeeReport.csv” dynamic/automatic, it will be awesome to advance on our pilot :|


I research based on this blog


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Marcelo Casaca

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Microsoft Graph presence API is being available for public preview since December 2019. Please see link:


Please let me know if it helped you?

@marcelocasaca - Were you able to solve this?


We have the same issue.