How Can I Create Criteria in a Search Folder To Show Emails I received from and sent to an email add

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How do I use the Search folder criteria to show all messages that I both received from and sent to specific email address/outlook contact? It appears that when I add more than a single criterion on the advanced tab, outlook is using the AND query parameter meaning find all messages where both conditions are true rather than an OR. It used to be in Microsoft Outlook that the Advanced tab for search criteria let you edit the criteria and use a SQL based construct. If I used just a single search criterion such as to or from, I get results in the search folder, but when I add both criteria, I do not get any results. Basically, I'm trying to create a search folder that shows all the emails I've sent and received from the products help desk email support team.



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There's a built-in/default template for that: "Mail from and to specific people". You can also add multiple addresses therein, in an OR configurtion.

@VasilMichev Thanks for the info.  So, if I'm understanding correctly, in order to accomplish, the creating a search folder given the constraints on creating search folder criteria won't work.  Instead, I would have to create a mail folder and then set up mail rules to have all emails sent to and received for a specific email address moved to that folder?  The thing is I don't want those emails moved to a separate folder I want them to stay in their original sent and archive folders.   


Search folders are the ideal way, but there doesn't seem to be a way to set criteria that returns all emails from or sent to a specific email recipient.  The advanced tab seems to be using the AND where all search criteria must be met and not where any of the search criteria are met.  As I previously mentioned, older versions of outlook on the Advanced Tab use generate a sort of SQL statement and you could edit it to create additional AND/OR conditions.


Can you show a screenshot of how using the OR would work for what you are mentioning.


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I am talking about a Search folder:




@VasilMichev this works for when a single contact is in the To or From lines, but it does not work when they are in the CC line.  Can this be done? To summarize, I want the filter to identify all emails where a particular contact is involved (To, From, or CC).

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