How bypass few of user maibox in office 365

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Dear All,


How to bypass our own organization email address from default antispam/AntiSpam Default policy in office 365. We would like to allow whatever email to go through that particular mailbox. I am not able to find any option in default policy of antphising/antispam. 





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Hi @Zeeshan_Butt 


Just to clarify you want to make sure that anything sent from to another mailbox is never filtered? Or you want to remove spam/phish filtering altogether i.e. any email going to is allowed through? 

Just create a transport rule to set the SCL to -1 for any message addressed to said mailbox. You'll be shooting yourself in the foot though :)

@HidMov, i wanted to remove spam/phish. i don't want filter any email coming outside to my domain. You know many of other domain that are on none office 365, there emails are going to quartine. i am afraid if miss my client domain. I dont see default policy of spam to disable in office365



A spam policy is always enabled in M365 - it cannot be turned off. You can adjust it here: - open up the various policies and edit.


If you want to ensure that all emails from all domains go through to the mailbox and will not get blocked for spam, then you will need to do as @VasilMichev said and set a transport rule for all incoming email to have SCL set to -1.


This can be done by going to Exchange Admin Centre, clicking on mail flow, then in 'Rules' click the "plus" box to add a new rule, and select 'Bypass Spam Filter'





To echo Vasil, I wouldn't recommend doing this for everyone as it will leave the tenant open to having malicious and potentially damaging emails come through