How admins can access "rules" sub-option available in "auto replies" option in Outlook desktop app?

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Hello All,


I would like to learn how admins can access "rules" sub-option available in "auto replies" option in Outlook desktop app?


A member of our organization who I assume had setup a mail forwarding rule from "auto replies" option and not using inbox rules (checked - no rules in his inbox rules option) in Outlook desktop app.


The member probably had also setup "Forwarding" from Outlook for web.


Now because of this setup, the recipient is receiving two copies of the same email.


I want to stop the second copy sent by the "automatic replies" rule. (I assume this forwarding is done by the "rules" option in "automatic replies" on Outlook desktop after testing it using my own account)


I am unable to access this rule from the Outlook web of the user account too.


How can I access this rule option from admin GUI or PowerShell?


Highlighted the rules button present in the auto replies window, in the screenshot below.




Screenshot from message trace. Here you can see two copies of the same email received by one account.


The email with "FW:.." is triggered by the forwarding rule set up in "Automatic replies" in Outlook app.


The other email is triggered by the "Forwarding" option enabled in Outlook for web.




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If you are comfortable with PowerShell have a look at the command Get-InboxRule
cmdlets can help, Get-InboxRule, btw, please understand ALL rules that applied to a mailbox will be displayed even not added from Outlook, plus above cmdlets cannot create a client-only rule
I remember trying Get-InboxRule. The rule you setup in autoreply dialog box is not a part of inbox-rule.
Take this for autoreply

[-Identity] <MailboxIdParameter>
[-Credential <PSCredential>]
[-DomainController <Fqdn>]
[-ResultSize <Unlimited>]