Horrible Support from Microsoft Escalation Team

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My Microsoft 365 account got hacked. And daily I tried to get updates from Microsoft Team on what exactly the escalation team has done. Nothing. Been 55 hours or more.

Meanwhile the hacker probably raised havoc with my account. What a distressing experience from Microsoft whom I been supporting since time imm

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Not going to judge the whole support thing, but out of curiosity, did you not have MFA enabled? This is a best practice, and I would actually recommend everyone to make use of it. Microsoft has done a great job to enable this as part of the "Security Defaults" on new tenants.
Yes, had phone with security enabled. The hackers got past that. They removed the phone and email security challenges, and changed to their own.
That's pretty amazing! Do you have any idea how they got past that? I mean, they'd either need to have access to your phone or perform something like sim swapping to be able to use SMS authentication.

Sorry that I can't be of any help with Microsoft, but I suppose for awareness it's good to have an idea what happened.
No idea. And no answer from Microsoft. I only saw SMS (again much later) saying that my security phone been removed. And then very very much later email to say my security email been changed.
There was even delay in informing the user! Compare to instant notification by Google and Facebook on possible breaches, especially if the request is out of the norm from Russia! Where I not ever been to,