Horizontally Center Insertion Point

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I have been an avid user of Microsoft Office products for many years… going back to 1993 or so.  I have always wanted a way to keep the cursor (insertion point) centered horizontally on the screen.


Within Microsoft Excel and Word, as a user continues entering text or values/formulas (as it may apply) soon the insertion point is at the bottom edge of the screen. Once you begin editing existing text or figures near the bottom edge you cannot see what is below.  It would be exceptionally convenient if the insertion point was fixed near the horizontal center of the application.  This would allow the user to see information above and below the insertion point without having to scroll up and down.  Imagine the entire document’s text shifting upward as each line was entered instead of the text slowly filling in the screen from top to bottom.


I have a disability called Vestibular Ocular Dysfunction.  This can (as in me) cause moving things to seem to disappear then reappear.  This gets worse if I am tired.  Keeping the insertion point fixed horizontally would really help me and possibly other neurologically divergent individuals that are using Microsoft Office applications.


Should this capability be realized in Microsoft Office, perhaps an option in the Ribbon’s “View” tab could be a place to turn on/off “Fix Horizontal Insertion Point” or whatever you choose to call it.

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About 2 milliseconds after I submitted this post I realized the "Subject" should be "Vertically Center Insertion Point."  DOH!