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I had three different reps on my machine for the past three nights.  Unfortunately, you can no longer talk to them.  It is via letting them on your computer.  One after the other did a worse job.  I saw last night but woke up today to see that my calendar computer is deleted of all information.


I was diagnosed with stage iv breast cancer which  spread to  lungs and spine.  I have written and marked down and color coded each and every, visit with my onco, radiologist doctor, nurse, pain doctor, etc.  I have kept it carefully maintained since 2018 and now it is completely empty.  The last rep said he would have to get an old profile from the web.


Aol and verizon are hooked but Verizon said I could still use my address in outlook which I used SOLELY for all medical purposes.  


When he found an old profile the web, it brought 7,555 emails. I am beyond upset.  I am not tech savvy.  Can I assume that this is gone for good?  I am so so upset but you cant physically talk to anybody and on top of that anybody who sends an email to my aol (friends, nothing medical) now goes to my outlook.


Why do they do things if they are not sure?  Do I have any recourse.  I am so so upset about losing the calendar (oh yes, every one of my minute contacts gone also).


It's gone right.  that was invaluable to me and I do not know my aol is now going into my outlook and I have to recreate every medical doctor (most I wont remember) anymore. 


I am angry bc there is no way to call.  I am NOT tech savvy.  Worst thing I did was letting them on my computer.  If they are not sure, they should NOT do anything.


Any advice.  Been crying since this morning.

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