Help! Microsft Outlook 365 blank emails!

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Hello everyone...AFAIK, I haven't made any changes yet as of this morning, all of the email bodies for Outlook 365 (Windows 10) are blank.  Even if I open it up. This includes new email that I have sent as a I don't think it's my server. It shows up on my phone but just not on my desktop.

I have tried disabling hardware acceleration and making sure no add-ins are active. But nothing has fixed it to include several restarts. 

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@AAXv1 I have more than 25 Outlook which have this issue

Some of them are Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 365


Please help! Microsoft is this a new update again ?

@AAXv1 Same for me. No more content in the mails is displayed.

@AAXv1 I have the same problem! Today morning the app was working very well, but now, the email body is blank. 



I am having the same issue on two separate systems.  Just started today.

I believe it's microsoft servers issue, We have a Outlook with 5 MS Exchange on it, 4 of theme have the same issue and 1 is OK 

Current status: We’ve identified the underlying cause of impact and are applying a fix. This fix will reach all affected users incrementally over the course of the next four-to-five hours. Once users receive the fix, they will need to restart their email client to apply the fix. In some circumstances, users may need to restart their client a second time for the changes to take effect. We expect to complete this process and restore service for all affected users by May 12, 2021, at 3:00 AM UTC.
I have not recieved a fix

@freddie_far , my O365 is working!


@AAXv1 I'm guessing this is solved by now, but if it isn't, when this happened to me yesterday I started Outlook in safe mode and then restarted normally, and I was able to read my emails once again.

@freddie_far  Hello - I am experiencing the same issue as described in this email.  Email received from me by one person is blank.  We both are contractors to the same company so both using their email address with same email provider. We both use Office 365 and our software is uptodate.   I would be very grateful for any assistance.

I am still getting blank emails. whats the fix?
phone ok
365 online ok
pc some email blank, it says email has been reformated for blank spaces or something like that.
its been going on all years, Im not the only one, so whats the fix.....?
Thank you

@cineair we’ve been experiencing the same issue this week on 365 - why is this still happening - is there a known fix yet please -anyone?