Headset loses connection for a few seconds while calling through Teams

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Hello Microsoft Tech Community,


we have an issue for a few months already with some of our colleagues.

While calling someone through Teams, sometimes it happens that the headset does not record the voice of the person speaking for 5-10 seconds. This happens randomly about 1 time per call. Not always though.

The person with the issues can still hear other people speaking, but his voice won't be transmitted. Like I stated, after a few seconds this issue vanishes.


Does anybody know this behaviour or has a way to troubleshoot this?


We have already tried uninstalling the Teams app, reinstalling our headset software and checking our drivers. We all have the same headset type and use a similar client PC, though it does not happen to all of us.


Any help is appreciated!


Kind regards,


Marius T.

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Are these headsets blue/wireless or wired, I had a similar case with a few users where the fix was the headsets were able to connect with multi-devices at the same times, like their phones or tablets if their phones/tablets' Bluetooth were off nothing, but it was turned on it will take some time 10-15 seconds delay as the headset was trying to connect to phones?

even though the users say they have not connected the headset but after checking the headsets were connected to iPhone and IPad plus on the computer so sometimes it was searching so the fix was to delete/ignore the headset on those templates and iPhones.

yours case might not be the same but give it a try and let me know how it goes.
Hello PDostiyar,

thank you for your input. We do not connect our headsets to anything else than our laptops and generally bluetooth is turned off for our devices. Also, we are sitting very close to eachother and if someone were to turn on bluetooth, every device in our office would see said device.

We suppose the issue is coming from the Microsoft Surface Dock, but we cannot be sure just yet.
If anyone else has some feedback for us, anything would be appreciated.

Much thanks and kind regards,

Marius T.