Having trouble allowing users to create app passwords

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We have a couple users who need to use SMTP authentication for a couple LOB applications that don't support OAuth. However, we've got security defaults set, so all users have MFA using Microsoft Authenticator.


From what I've found online, the steps we need to take are:


  1. Enable SMTP Auth for those users
  2. Allow users to create App Passwords
  3. Create App Passwords for those users


Part one is easy. Part two, SHOULD be easy (this guide from Microsoft has the steps), but it's just not working. I've followed the directions, but a test user does not show the App Password option when going to add one (via these directions).
Anyone else have trouble with this?

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Ah, okay. Well, we'll have to look into something else.

They need to remove or update some of those articles if they're basically deprecated.
You can just use basic authentication without app passwords. Basic authentication is not disabled for SMTP auth.

“ SMTP AUTH will still be available when Basic authentication is permanently disabled on October 1, 2022. The reason SMTP will still be available is that many multi-function devices such as printers and scanners can't be updated to use modern authentication. However, we strongly encourage customers to move away from using Basic authentication with SMTP AUTH when possible. Other options for sending authenticated mail include using alternative protocols, such as the Microsoft Graph API.”