Have you tried Microsoft Lists - Microsoft Account Preview yet?

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Has anyone had a chance to try the Microsoft Account Preview of Microsoft Lists that @Mark-Kashman announced in this blog post last month?


If so, what did you like? What didn't you like? If you have tried it, share your experience below! 


I, myself, can't function without lists, both at work and at home. If you haven't tried Microsoft Lists yet, add it to your...list...of things to do. 

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Hi Meenah, i love lists in M365. Best regards, Stefan

@Meenah_Khosraw I am finding that basic management of lists is difficult. It seems that the list files are hidden (or at least very difficult to find). I have repeatedly received errors deleting a list and can't locate the list files on my hard drive to confirm deletion or manually delete the list file from File Explorer. Basic background on how list data is stored (i.e., file extensions) and where would be useful. 

@Brian129 Since Microsoft Lists are stored on SharePoint sites, they won't be stored on your computer's hard drive as they stored in the cloud. Check out this helpful video to find and manage lists you've created if you haven't already: Microsoft Lists - Find and manage your lists.

Love lists! In our non-profit, we use a school register List for tracking our students. We also use it to track roll-outs for our Microsoft Teams across the African continent. Being able to customize data in each field quickly, easily, and with colors is incredibly useful.
Since I'm big on organization and lists, color coding is a super valuable lists feature. Glad to hear Microsoft Lists is so helpful to you!



I love the list, going to try and explore more