GoDaddy says i must pay for email 365 even though I have an office 365 subscription

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GoDaddy forced me to go to their mail 365 and now they say that I have to pay for their mail 365 system even though I have an office 365 subscription.


I am so sick of GoDaddy making their customers pay for things that should be free or included in other software packages.  The cost at GoDaddy is about $144 for four domain email accounts!!!!  That does not give me any Office 365 features


I assume others have faced the same situation.


What are my options?



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I had hoped that someone would help me to resolve what I consider a very troubling problem


From what I understand GoDaddy has a contract with Microsoft to market Office 365.  I believe their contact is only for the business version of 365.  As a part of that contract they have adopted office 365 mail and have forced their customers to use this mail service.  That might be OK if they somehow combined the mail with an official version of 365 but they have not.


Instead they charge you around $30 for each domain web email and in my case that is 4 mailboxes.  So they are going to charge me a bit less than $150 and I don't get any other Office 365 functions.


This is outrageous. 


Please help me by offering suggestions.



I have just been sprung with the same problem, I dont understand why have to pay this, I already pay for my own Microsoft subscription, what did you do, did you just pay it? i really dont want to out of principle.@beltguy