Get Office 365 IP and URLs using Power Query

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Sometime ago, I had this Office 365 Migration and as part of the planning I told the customer about allowing / by-passing office 365 URLs and IPs. The customer was somewhat suspicious but took it fine. Then I was asked to fill a form where I should manually put IP, by, IP, endpoint, by endpoint all information regarding connections on Office 365. 


This was why I used the official documentation to create a Excel / Power BI Model where you can query all Office 365 URL and IP information and Im glad to share with the community all the steps I did to work on this. You can find my blog article right here (link opens in a new page).


Note: I know that the IP addresses do not necessarily follows the URLs, but it was how I managed to fill that customer's form so we could keep up with the project.


If you guys have any questions, please let me know.




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