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From a MSignite presentation I see this GDPR Dashboard - Maybe I'm going blind - but I can't find it in security & compliance center - Anyone?


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Me neither, I don't think that was ever launched, not that I have seen anyway.  What you can use though, is Compliance Manager, still in preview, though it's set to go GA this month, according to the roadmap.  


There is a GDPR assessment available:


"Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive set of services to help you with GDPR compliance, and the recently announced Compliance Manager helps you assess and manage your compliance risk.


This and more is available from the Service Trust Portal.




Compliance Manager Preview is now available

Cian is correct, the only solution provided by Microsoft in regards to GDPR is the Compliance Manager. There is also a PnP Project called PnP GDPR Activity Hub:

Just stumbled upon this request as I was looking through GDPR-related questions, so apologies for not writing sooner.

The GDPR Dashboard began rolling out around the same time as the RSA Conference in April 2018. You should hopefully see it now in Security & Compliance > Data & Privacy > GDPR Dashboard. The video above is linked to the GDPR Dashboard at 1m32s into the video - so you can see what it has and does.