FYI Office 365: Hide/Unhide Files on Office 365 Home Page


The Office 365 Home Page has given subscribers quick access to files, people, and applications. Well, I can foresee many users having a need to hide sensitive files from the home page.


Imagine this. You are a human resource representative who is responsible for processing onboarding and terminating letters. You are on a call with an employee who sees his employee id on a draft letter. I know this scenario is to the extremes, but you get my point.


But, on the flip side, the files that you NEED quick access to are somewhere in la-la land.

Watch this short video for the step-by-step instructions on how to hide/unhide files on Office365 Homepage. A few clicks will save you from on-the-job embarrassment and anguish.


For giggles, share a time when a document was displayed in front of the wrong person or group. Just remember to always be kind. 


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 Actual steps instead along with a link are always appreciated.

How to unhide a hidden file in MS Office 365

Click sidebar "My Content".
Click (upper right) "Filter".
        Expand "Activity".
        Select "Hidden by me".
Locate item of interest and click the "more options" ellipsis.
        Click "Unhide".

Note that opening a hidden file will result in error: "Item does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.".
Also note that a hidden file that I attempted to open while hidden has disappeared.
Buyer beware!