Future Cloud Security for Your Business Today

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Have you set the strategic course and investments to evolve your business into a modern workplace? If so, what are you doing today to build the future cloud for your organization, and how will you keep out digital threats?

No surprise, security is the top IT spend priority for 2018. We outlined how you can amplify your security strategy and cover gaps in distributed environments after Microsoft Ignite. Microsoft 365 offers a secure path to equip your teams for creativity and collaboration – and that includes Windows 10, with new security features to protect your enterprise.


Security through Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 security has three main components, which help keep company data safe across devices:

  • Office 365 security and compliance
  • Windows Security and Defender ATP
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security

The modern workforce requires the ability to work securely regardless of location or device. IT Admins can keep data safe across different devices, ensure documents are secure on mobile, and use Windows defender to protect Windows 10 devices from malware, viruses, and spyware with Microsoft 365 Business. Microsoft 365 Enterprise offers features such as Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, Windows Devender Antivirus, and Device Guard.


How do you plan to connect diverse platforms, applications, and devices through a sustainable and redundant multi-cloud environment? We want to hear your perspective – chime in on the conversation below.


Frame Today’s Budget for Tomorrow’s Edge

With 2018 IT operational budgets expected to increase slightly while capital budgets drop, what constraints do you face to keep business secure? In the larger context of speed to digital value in a rapidly shifting technology landscape, here are three things to consider:  

  • Align technology and business strategy. Define core business priorities, discuss your vision, and gather feedback across business peers, partners, and customers before focusing on technology. Communicating effectively is one of five points to consider as you influence and substantiate how proposed IT investments will deliver results.


  • Consider how apps will be developed. Determine your IT dev approach and then build and integrate the tools, platforms, and systems so your teams can innovate. Containerization can be effective for continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) of cloud-native applications and can signal a shift to cloud-native architecture and DevOps practices for agile delivery of apps and services that build market share.


  • Embrace emerging technology. AI and machine learning can streamline business service and personalize product recommendations. IoT devices on the edge of your multi-cloud create and compute a lot of data close to the source, as with Azure IoT Edge. Gartner notes that new approaches in IoT security will be needed, like advanced authentication and security analytics, which Microsoft 365 addresses with Intelligent Security Graph.

Let us know your plans to invest today in tomorrow’s security. Start a conversation on how this affects your work below.

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