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Hello all,

a customer has the following need: whenever a seller gests an important email (aka a request for quotation) or sends a quotation to a customer, they want all the sellers to be informed.

I suggested to create a shared mailbox, accepting emails only from the inside of the company, and forward emails to that account.

They would like to move this one step forward, and have some emails start an activity, assign it to people, track if it is done, and so on.

I suggested to use a flow to automatically create a Microsoft Planner when an email is flagged for activity.

Is there another solution or another Microsoft Office 365 application suitable to create, assign and track activities for a group of people?


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Hi @Fabio Nogarotto,


you have 2 options:

1) Power Automate (former MS Flow)

2) Outlook add-in 

Which one is better fit in your case depends on user's preferences (should it work on mobile devices etc).

@Victor Ivanidze  thank you for the tips! 

What are you referring to with "Outlook Add-in"? Where can I find more infor about it?

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Hi Fabio,

did you make a decision?

@Victor Ivanidze Microsoft informed me of a new capability, Microsoft 365 Roadmap IDs 68909, 70598, and 71265, and soon Share to Teams from Outlook enables users to share an email conversation from Outlook, including attachments, to any chat or channel in any Teams client. 

I'm waiting to test this new features, because it could be a game-changer for my needs.

Thank you very much,