Friday Feature: Jennifer Ann Mason

Former Employee


Jennifer Ann Mason                                  

Job Title: Director of Innovation & Strategic Projects

Company Name: Planet Technologies

MVP Profile


Twitter: @jennifermason



  1. Can you explain your role as Director of Innovation and Strategic Solutions?
  2. I work with our customers to help them drive digital transformation.  I help look at what is working and then incorporate that into additional programs so that we can provide many different experiences to our customers.


  3. How do you communicate the benefits of tools such as Office 365 and SharePoint to businesses?
  4. We host various customer webcasts where we highlight and share new features.  Many times, we focus on the business values and outcomes that can be achieved and not just on the technology.  Blogging, webcasts and custom training are the channels I use the most.


  5. What process do you take with clients to help them onboard new technologies?
  6. We focus first on the business outcomes and what value they are trying to achieve or what business problem they are trying to eliminate.  By keeping the focus on that, we can show immediate value and help drive interest in the new technologies. 


  7. What response do you get from clients once a new, valuable tech tool is implemented?
  8. They are thankful that they can do things more effectively and usually ask us “now what?” – once they get a taste of it they keep coming back for more!

  9. How do you work through change management with clients?
  10. We will work with customers to look at the current state and the desired end state.  Once we know where we are going we will map out a plan that covers how to get there.  We focus a lot on user adoption and cultivating a community of continuous learning.  This means that we look at what it takes to bring the technology to their users while also having a plan to help them continue to learn and educate them on how to use the tools and the efficiencies they can find.  We help our customers develop messaging and tools that will really speak to their users and help them understand and utilize whatever we are introducing into the environment.


  11. What’s most difficult for organizations to work through when integrating new tech, and how do you help them overcome?
  12. Communication and training is a big part of it.  We work with them through various tools and solutions, including Evolve 365, to help them drive adoption through the change.

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