Free Webcast - Global Workforce: The new culture of work


“I consider myself a student of history. I don’t know of a time in the developed world, ever, where something as critical to the functioning of business has been owned completely by the youth – that being technology [today],” says Cam Marston, President, Generational Insights. Generational differences and biases around technology skills are just a couple of the challenges in today’s new culture of work.


So how do organizations manage this divide between generations, cultures, and geographies? Watch this month’s Modern Workplace episode, “Global Workforce: The New Culture of Work” to see Marston and Kelly Joscelyne, Chief Talent Officer at Mastercard, discuss their strategies, including how leaders can:

  • Build trust across the organization
  • Communicate effectively globally across cultures
  • Attract and retain the brightest talent

We also feature a demo showcasing how Microsoft 365 helps global teams work more effectively together, including Microsoft Teams, amazing translation capabilities for presentations, and more!


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