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Morning Ladies/Gents,

I was wondering if someone could perhaps give me an idea or two? The attachment is a Golf Game. Everything is working perfectly with one slight issue. I haven't gone past row 25 in programming. Looking at rows 6-7-8-9-10, I'll be hiding, and password protecting7-8-9. Of course only the cells used to enter a score will be functional. If you look at Cell A6 and take the name out everything is good. If you put in a name his/her handicap automatically populates in rows 7&8. This action causes the formulas in Cells E10, H10, K10, N10, Q10, & T10 to come into play. This provides scores in B10 before the game even starts. Now if a Golfer just ignored the Score, Played the Game, the end results would be accurate. However I know they won't ignore

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!



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