Forms for Excel results duplicating in Excel online

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I'm having some issues with results duplicating by itself non-stop every time a user submits a response. Basically, when a user submits a response, the Form writes to the Excel workbook and puts the data in a row. This row then keeps duplicating itself without stop. This is happening on Excel online, and I can't seem to find a solution for this. Any help would be appreciated.



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Was a solution ever found for this problem? I am also experiencing this issue, it just started happening.

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I am facing the exact same issue. Overnight, there are have been 1000+ duplicate entries created. Please, can anyone provide some guidance as to why this occurs and what can be done to resolve? 

I am having the same issue, but cannot find a solution. Please let me know if anyone has figured out why this is occurring. 

I haven't seen any solution to this problem as yet. As a work around, you will need to delete responses from the form. Your data will still be available on the excel that is linked to the form. Doing this will stop the form creating duplicate entries. Then, go to Excel, select the Date column and click on "Remove Duplicates". The date column has time captured in it along with the seconds, so all unique records will remain and duplicates erased.
Hello Mr Woan,

Kindly try checking the behavior on a newly created form and share the behavior with me



The problem persists for me after trying to start multiple forms from scratch. 

This issue still exists. There are a lot of duplicates in the results and I cannot bulk delete it in Microsoft Forms Online. Hence, the charts and graphics shown in Forms online are not accurate with lots of duplicated results.

Anyone found a resolution to this issue.  I have a Forms for Excel.  Randomly today, it started duplicating entries from Forms.

I created a test form and shared it with anyone can answer permission to myself. When I finished the form, by clicking the submit buttom multiple times before it redirected to the completed interface, the problem can be reproduced. For anyone in your orgnization permission, it actually has a choice that distincts the response that eliminates the duplicates. However, that option is not available to permission "anyone can answer". The problem is if I want a lot of people in the company to answer a form, having them login first will just stop them from answering the form.

In conclusion, I think it is a design issue and I guess Microsoft will not fix this or add a "one response from each user" option to "anyone can answer" permission in a short time.




Were the duplicate entries receiving the same ID number as well?  


What we were seeing was the same entry occurring multiple times throughout the day (i.e. I submit the form in the morning, 30 minutes later, 2 hours later, 2 hours 5 minutes later, etc. the same submission is entered again in the table).  This continued throughout the day.  Then, close to the end of the day, a new spreadsheet popped up in the SharePoint Excel file.  Now, this new file is doing the same thing.

This seems to be a bug in the application.
I have faced this issue as well.
The only work around for this problem is that delete those duplicate rows and make sure you delete them if that happens again.
We will have to follow this until MIcrosoft releases the fix for this error.




Agreed but sad.  The fix should be fairly easy "Do Not Allow Duplicates".  This is operating off what appears to be a basic database (assuming SQL compliant Db).  Opened it today and noticed it was replicating responses from April 27th.  It almost makes the application not usable.

No, the ID of each response is unique. Per say I clicked submit button 5 times at the completion of a Form, it will create 5 same responses and mark it with continuous number such as ID: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Just like in database, when you mark the primary key column auto-increment.

@Sean_Shen what I am seeing has the same ID.  In your instance, you see 1,2,3,4,5.  I am getting 1,2,3,4,5,4,5,4,5,3,4,5,4,5,3,3,3,4,4,4,5,5,5,5.  No pattern, just random duplication.


I see where adding "Only allow one response" would stop your issue.  But, what I am seeing needs a validation rule in the database entry system.  The one thing I am seeing is it skipped entry "1185".  It seems to be trying to reload from there each time.

I have the same issue. I am waiting for a solution, I have done tests with different browsers and the error persists.
no official response from microsoft yet. to date the issue persists.