Folder dates inadvertently updating

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I am using Windows 10.  I open an old file, in an old folder, that was created in MS Office, probably an older version, i.e., prior to the Office 365 I am now using.  I then e-mail the file to someone via Outlook, then close the file without saving (actually, it may even happen without e-mailing the file, just opening it and closing it without saving).  The file date stays the same, as it should.  However, the folder's date becomes today's date - permanently.  This ruins my ability to search the folders by date.  This anomalous behavior does not seem to happen if the file I use is not an Office file, e.g., a PDF.  I also note that I have a file sharing application for some of my folders and, when I log onto that, via the web, it still has the correct old date for that folder. So, if seems to be some sort of Windows problem.  In fact, I re-tried this for folders that were not part of the file sharing application and they also exhibited the same problem.  There are a few posts on the internet from years ago that claim the same problem, but I don't see any solution posted for those.  Thanks so much.

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<< So, if seems to be some sort of Windows problem >> That is misleading in that, although it does seem to be a windows problem, it is only a problem with office files. Sorry for any confusion.