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Is it still not possible to use Group Forms in Flow

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[Updated] solution below with identified workaround

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@Christopher Hoard 

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Unforatunately it is not possible.

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@JFM_12  Hello, it is possible to use Group Forms in Flow via a workaround. If you copy the Form ID and use this as a manual value in your Flow, then it works the same way as a normal Form. You cannot select it from the "Dropdown" however.

Hi Jonathan Thank you very much for your answer. Regards JFM_12

@jonathan huysmanshow were you able to do this? I attempted using the ID at the end of the collect and share link, but forms said it was invalid 

@jonathan huysmans Would you mind going more in depth with this? I'd greatly appreciate the help :)


Find the form that you want to use and copy the long URL (Share > Copy). Paste the bit after the ?id= part of the URL.


For example:

Full URL: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=lkgalfkgag83823894kgalrkgj

Then you just want to paste lkgalfkgag83823894kgalrkgj into the "Enter custom value" Form Id


Hope this helps!

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