Fix Disconnectors error in AD Sync

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How to Fix Disconnectors error in AD Sync?





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In my experience regarding disconnector, as long as the sync is successful and all is well, there often nothing to be worried about!


To read about disconnectors please see here:


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Those are simply objects filtered by the default rules (think system objects, objects that don't match the sync criteria, etc), or by any additional rules you've created. These are NOT errors, and you can learn more about them here:


If you are troubleshooting an issue with particular object appearing as disconnector, refer to:

As other people have mentioned these look to be objects that are not meeting the criteria required to Sync. I.e. a Group that has no email address looks to qualify as a Disconnected object, it exists in AD, is in the OU's that are designated container inclusions, but does not meet the base criteria to sync to Azure AD as it has no email address. So it see's it but it ain't syncing it.