SOLVED note taker robot keeps popping up

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I inadvertently signed up for note taker service. I unsubscribed from the service using my company email but the note taker robot notetaker keeps joining my company teams mtgs. until I remove it from attendees.

Pls. could you let me know how to remove this from the account? I found it in settings under 3rd party app and revoked permissions but it is still appearing.

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@HenryPhillipsNimbitech Thanks a lot for responding so quickly.

Sorry if I didn't explain my issue correctly. My issue is that after removing the app from my MS Office365 account page and after deleting and disabling browser cookies for the page, and after unsubscribing at fireflies website, still the bot called notetaker keeps joining my team meetings. I keep removing it from attendees list. This is quite time consuming and tedious. Hence submitted my query here after exhausting all MS KB articles to see if I could get help because there are experts like you here.

Hope someone can help to get rid of the bot.



So I can see you have done quite a bit there which is good but the article I provided involved removing it from within Teams, which is where you are seeing it. So have you done any removal of the bot in terms of Teams, which I presume as part of the process of adding it, it was added to Teams?





@HenryPhillipsNimbitech I inadvertently downloaded notes from the site. The app sends spam to all Zoom and team company team emails asking you to download mtg. noted from the site and that is how I got affected. When I downloaded notes from the site, based on a team member's email, after a zoom mtg., it somehow appeared and started adding itself to team mtg.s. Luckily, I asked my team mates to delete the email immediately and they didn't get affected. 

I blocked the site in Google from storing cookies etc. and removed it from my office 365 account. While I can see the contact: Notetaker first5lettersofmylastname

in past mtg.s as a removed attendee, I am unable to see any trace of the bot inside chat channels or team channels. The bot app was only in my O365 profile which I revoked permissions from. Hope this explains my dilemma.


OK, thanks for the detailed explanation. I will see what I can find out and if I managed to uncover a solution I will get back to you.





This is Kalyan from team Fireflies. We've resolved this issue for said user. You can go-ahead and close this.

The user had their settings on autojoin web-conferencing meetings on their calendar and share settings set to send to participants.

A user can go to to change settings or turn off their account. Here are detailed guides for further reference:


I deleted my account in the website but the robot is still attending my meetings. 

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Log in to same Microsoft account which you used for fireflies setup. Later go for teams settings and find apps and permissions and find fireflies to revoke it's permission to access your calendar for meetings.
I have marked with blue marker where you can find fireflies in the attachment
Hope this helps

@Roronoa_zoro Thanks. It stopped as soon as I unsubscribed in the fireflies website

How do we block your app from an admin level?  We've removed your app permissions from all users, but your bot keeps trying to join meetings.

Please check above replies if does not apply kindly visit fireflies website and login with account which you used to grant access to the same. Later go to settings and delete the account completely.


My question was to the application developer that commented in this thread, and you answer is not relevant.

Sorry my bad

@Caleb Caraway I removed permissions in Azure Active Directory Enterprise Applications for


I did that as well, but the bots keep trying to join meetings.  I think it scanned the user's calendar when they consented and now it's trying to auto-join everything that was scheduled in their calendar at that time.