FindTime – An Underappreciated Gem in the Office 365 World



Microsoft's FindTime service helps Office 365 users find the right time to schedule a meeting with people inside and outside their tenant. It's an underappreciated gem. And the good news is that an even better service called Calendar.Help is on the way. Well, it's better if you like asking Cortana to find the right meeting dates for you rather than the more-hands on approach taken by FindTime. Whichever way you cut it, help is always appreciated when setting up meetings, so it's nice that these tools are available.

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@TonyRedmond  It's just a shame that FindTime data is located on US servers - we need data to be located in Europe, like most of the other parts of O365. (

@Lloyd Adams stay tuned. I hear that this might change.


Hello Tony, I assume you are speaking about the following O365 Roadmap feature

Do you known more when it will be deploy exactly?

As data will be stored within user mailbox does this mean that we will be able to change setting thru Powershell (Get-Mailbox/SetMailbox or something else) and for example remove FindTime Skype setting when transitioning to Teams to don't need to ask end user to do is own there own?