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I am looking for someone to help with starting up a new outlook mail system and possibly a calendaring system. We are starting fresh with my website emails. It is a 4 person business. I need to do team share with info@ group email. For example, everyone will have access to that one email, but once someone reads it, it shows read on everyone else's outlook).  How do I find an expert to help? Does MS do this?


I am being told I need exchange and ms 365.


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@JJakeHi Jake, this is an easy steps setup... here are some of the high-level information;


each of these 4 people will need to have an email account to whatever standards you want like  or once these 4 Mailboxes are created the next step will be to create a shared mailbox using and Delegate access to that Shared mailbox to all 4 staff or to whomever you want...


so on their Outlook desktop clients in Windows or MAC, they will see another Mailbox which is for now each of these 4 people could reply/respond to emails and queries receives.


Besides for internal usage you could create a group email where you have all the 4 employees using that group email for internal usage, this group Also comes with Teams for communication and Sharepoint for Storing the Shared Data between all 4 users, while each user does get their own Onedrive accounts under their email which could be used for Private and personal docs...


let me know if you need any more information you could also PM me by click on my profile and message with any specific demand you have...



Pervaiz Dostiyar

Hi @JJake, just create a single shared mailbox and allow each of 4 persons use it.