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Hi All.

Dell laptop with windows 10pro.

Canon mg7500 series

Microsoft 365


Printing issue.


I originally installed the printer to use my WiFi, but it was “unreliable “, which I put down to my WiFi.


I then reinstalled it using a USB cable and was able to print the test page from the install dialogue, with no problem.

I set this to the default printer.


However , if I print from any of the 365 apps, the printer dialog menu takes an extremely long time to “ Finding Printers”, so much so that the app comes up with Not Responding. Eventually I will get the print, which has been in one case 2 days later.


if I try with word pad , or notepad, the print is instant.


I realise that wordpad and notepad are simple apps, compared to 365, and 365 Uses it own Printer Dialogue process, but I can only deduce that the issue lies within the 365 process.


Any suggestion gratefully accepted.



James Reilly.



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@Jim52 Since the print happens instantly with Notepad/Wordpad, the issue seems to be in the office apps themselves.


Please check in Word Safe Mode (Run > winword /safe). At times there could be a possible issue with an add-on.


If Safe Mode fails then, try Office repair: