Filtering a Sharepoint document library by ID array

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Hi all,


I have a Sharepoint site that is connected to a Teams channel and has its own document library.

As you know, Teams channel folders get mixed up with other document library folders and this creates a worse file management / browsing experience for users.


I have found an approach that works but does not scale:

- I edit the document library view

- I filter the view so that it shows only those folders whose IDs are not equal to a certain value

- I keep adding all IDs with a AND operator

- I save the view and folders with those IDs are no longer shown, while everything else remains visible and accessible (sub-folders, files).


Nevertheless, this approach does not scale because I can use this condition only 10 times (cannot add more columns). Also, I cannot combine this filter with others.

Is there a way / syntax to combine in one statement the IDs of the folders I want to hide?

Are there other better approaches to hide these "cluttering" Teams folders (which are already available in the permanent group "In Channels").?


Thanks in advance!




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