Family Safety won't track

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Thought I posted this yesterday, but don't see it.

First, I hope this is the right place. Office 365 Home - Family Safety.

second, I've tried MS Chat 4 times. The first time I connected and received some help but didn't resolve my problem. Three different days I tried Chat again. All 3 days "Your current position in lie is 1." All 3 days I waited a minimum of 2 hours. Never connected to Chat. That's why I'm here.

My wife (iphone) and I (android/organizers) have FS on our phones and set properly. That is, I've tried two other tracking apps and both give instant notifications when one of us enters a locations. I conclude from that, both phones are set correctly.

Using instructions on the web, FS on both phones are set up correctly.

I have found, if my wife is away from home and I open FS>Maps, the app shows she is still home. If tap the update icon, FS updates to her current location. If I go to NOTIFICATIONS, it shows the times she arrived at locations which should trigger a notification.

I can see route, distance traveled, and time she reaches almost every notification location. But, her icon in MAPS will remain at the last updated location until I update it again. I know our phones are set to track locations. I know FS can accurately track her route and time she enters a location. The FS app accurately tells me the number of notifications today and yesterday. But, her location doesn't track 'live.' Only when I manually update. And I still get no audible notification.
NOTE: sometimes hitting 'Update' doesn't update for hours.

How do I get FS to update location and give audible notifications?


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I notice I said I receive no audible notification. I receive NO notification - audible of visual
No responses. Any suggestions where I can get an answer?