Extra Space on Right side of word doucment

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Good morning. I have used Word for years and have never had this problem, so I need help.
I have a Word document that doesn't have comments on it (it used to, but I have removed them); however, I still cannot get rid of the extra space on the right hand.  I have checked the margins, and I have Justified on. It seems to have happened after I added page numbers. I had closed it, and when I came back to it, this space was there. I have even tried to copy it into a new document that is the correct size, but once I paste it, the document enlarges and has this space there again.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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Can you share the screen shot for better understanding?

You know, sometimes it is the simplest thing, and when I went back over all of the settings again, I realized this document was in 'landscape' for some reason. I thought I had checked that, but obviously, I didn't.