ExternalDirectoryObjectId attribute in Dynamic Distribution group.

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       I have run get-dynamicdistributiongroup cmdlet to get all DDL exist in my environment.  I found some of them have value in ExternalDirectoryObjectId attribute and some of them don't have value. I have searched over online and found that ExternalDirectoryObjectId make relation between Azure AD directory Objects' ObjectId attribute.  I have taken one DDL which contains ExternalDirectoryObjectId attribute and searched that object using get-azureadgroup -ObjectId <value>.  But I got "Resource_not_found" error. I have two questions.

  1. In what case, ExternalDirectoryObjectId present in DDL?
  2. If ExternalDirectoryObjectId make relation with Azure AD, why am i unable to find that group in Azure AD?

Kindly advice me for above queries. Please correct me if understand wrongly.




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